Coaching for CEOs that Radically Improves Results!

Whether you're up to playing a big game in life, business or relationships... the biggest obstacle to your success could be your own inner dragons.

Find out how to become a master Dragon Slayer so that you can...

  • Get the clarity and focus to achieve the extraordinary life you want
  • Develop the insight, tools and strategies you need to excel in your career
  • Feel confident and strong, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way

Communication Mastery

A unique workshop in communicating powerfully with others


Contribution Leadership

Experience The Power Of Leading Through Contributing To People In Any Situation


Contribution Selling

Develop Your Sales Super Powers and Convert More Leads Through Authentically Connecting With Others


Contribution Romance

Be The One Others Want To Be in Relationship With!  Be Cherished, Safe, Supported and Having Fun...


About Kirk McDow

Kirk is a professional breakthrough results coach who has worked with thousands of people to powerfully create the life of their dreams. A recognized leader in Contribution Selling and Leadership, he has mentored and coached sales teams, leaders and professionals for over 20 years.

More About Kirk

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