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Get crystal clear as to what is in the way of your success!

Your blind spot will be by its very nature, is  difficult to see, otherwise you would have already carved your path forward.

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Contribution Selling

Over the years I've noticed something that most people trying to "sell" are getting all wrong.

The most important thing in mastering sales is to have your attention on being a contribution. 

I created Contribution SellingTM so that you can operate without reservation, you can stand for what you believe and what you have to contribute... all the while generating more revenue and sales for your business...

Contribution Selling

Contribution Leadership Coaching

Whether you're a leader now, or wanting to discover the leader inside of you... find out how to be empowered with the focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you desire.

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Communications Mastery Workshop

This powerful 2-day workshop will have you and your team communicating with more empathy, ease and clarity. 

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"Kirk is nothing short of extraordinary. My first experiences with him were as a public speaker, leading seminars to hundreds of people, and over the years our relationship has taken on a dozen different forms. At every step of the way, his commitment was clear: to train people to be effective leaders, both for their own benefit and for others', and to impact results in the most profound way possible. Kirk is a stand for integrity and for making a positive difference in the world, and in all of his interactions, people are left better than he found them. "

David Fried
Filmmaker and Book Writer/Editor

"Kirk is one of the most insightful human beings I’ve ever met. His questions will make you think in a totally different way and force you to question what you’re absolutely sure you know. He balances his inquiries with just the right amount of humor and a lighthearted approach. Do not pass up the opportunity to talk to this incredibly committed and insightful guy. One conversation with him can change everything for you."

Eileen Gordon

"A partnership with Kirk is like nothing else I've ever experienced in the world of coaching. And I've been around that world for about six years! Kirk is extremely generous, insightful, incisive, compassionate, talented, clear, effective, loving, kind, committed, skilled, and a one man army when it comes to dealing with and defeating disempowerment of any and all kinds. I started my coaching business in May and it was pretty slow going. Kirk excitedly offered to help me build it and has helped me to really get the true nature, power, and structure of coaching. My velocity has increased, the more I take on his coaching. He has stuck with me through thick and thin, always patiently holding space for me to start taking hold, step by step, of the bigger version of me he has seen since day one. The confidence I now have in my own coaching is largely the result of Kirk's loving support. I highly recommend Kirk for whatever challenge you're dealing with, and can personally attest to his expertness in specifically helping me to build my business and learn how to coach at a world class level! I will be forever grateful to this extraordinary man."

Louis Brantmeyer
Coach at Louis Brantmeyer Coaching

"Kirk McDow is an outstanding life coach. He is a great listener and very inspiring. He really helped me get a handle on what I needed to do when I was in a job situation with a company that was poorly run and where my business savvy and skills were completely unappreciated. I am now with a wonderful company and I could not be happier!"

Bettina Babbitt
Realitor at the Gill Agency

"I highly recommend Kirk. 100% honest, very industrious, cares about the right stuff. Kirk is a good coach & great leader. I have worked for years with Kirk on a number of teams, and hope to do it again. Bruce Saxton President, Saxton"

Bruce Saxton
President of The Saxton Group and Gazelles Member Coach

"If you are interested in results, work with Kirk. Kirk McDow not only loves sales and has his own proven track record in selling, he loves sales coaching. He is versed in the core skills, activities and attributes that lead to effectiveness. He is equally if not more versed in sales coaching and management. He will help you and/or your sales people see the hidden factors influencing your behavior that limit success. And, no matter your personality or level of skill, he always leaves you feeling ready and excited to go into your week."

Andrew Poles
Founder at Joint Resolution Center

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